Task 1: His hair was pitch black,his eyes were also pure black as if a panther is laying on his pupils,his limbs were so thin it looked like he was decapitated. He wore a Gray leather onezee with black leather shoes. His skin was a very pale tone. He had a clean shave not a […]

None of the poor can afford as much as the rich unless an ancestor passed down all their valuables or unless the win the lottery ,the way for rich people to get rich is by saving up all money and

How does Shakespeare create tension and play with the idea of fate in Macbeth? William shakespeare is the play writer he created Macbeth, The play is about a  middle aged man named Macbeth he was greeted by there witches who would tell him his fate that he is going to become king but how at […]

In this scene  Macduff & Malcolm have been discussing issues about Macbeth about him not being a Nobel king. he has murrdered the old king Duncan and also murrdered Banquo. Macbeth’s on friend stabbed him right in the back. Macduff mentions behind his back (Macbeth is a treacherous king) Malcolm’s suspicions dismary Macduff.Malcome tells him that […]

In this scene the three witches were casting a spell  there are adding loads of different liquids and materials to the cauldron they are making a cure to help Macbeth because of his old age and he is very sick Macbeth needs a new king to be ale over for him the witches created a […]

Act 3 scene 5   In this scene Macbeth finds out that he is going to die,the three wicked witches explained to him the tragic  Macbeth thought why? The witches made him King & now the’re now mentioning to that his death bed is waiting so all of this farthing about was for nothing basically.

Screw your courage– (willing) to the  sticking place. I think this means to be Determined by my opinion courage means  to be fierce,to do think most people would not do. In this scene, Macbeth has a soliloquy where he feel’s he can not kill ling Duncan.

lady macbeth ‘pour my spirits in thine ear!              

  Best prank ever by Bradley sonmez -khagram?   It was a peaceful a day that felt like a week day it was bissy in southern london my younger brother speed walks next to me .sorry let me introduce my self my name is Bradley sonmez -khagram i am going to tell you about a […]